About Us


Al Jaleed Cement Products (JCP) was established in 2009 in the Wilayat of Ibri after conducting a very comprehensive feasibility sinteresting persuasive essaycollege essay helper a4a topicstudy which showed the need for good quality cement products for the benefit of the consumers for several years. Based on that JCP has approached the European expertise to provide the topnotch equipment which operates with high efficiency and produces high quality products.

Based on the recommendation of the experts, we have made four compartments for sands and aggregates to have different sizes and shapes of these materials to eliminate/reduce the cavity inside the products. The general understanding is that when the cement productcollege essay helper a4as at the construction sites absorb more water it is a good indication of the quality of the products but the rgatsby essayeality it is not! It is an indication of huge cavities in the products which gives less solidity. At JCP this phenomena is solved by using different sizes and shapes of materials. about1
about2 The selection process of sands and aggregates materials is achieved by using very advanced weighing system with help of unique computer which eliminates the discrepancy of like for like mix batches.
The mixer is made in Italy and a planetary type which considered to be one of the best aggregate & Cement mixers in the world. It has two shafts with several propellers which give a highly quality mix in a very short time (less than a minute). about3
about4 JCP use high repetitive interlock color brand which made in line with the European standards for the safety of the consumers as well as to maintain high quality products to remain unaffected form the weather condition. The selection process of colors and volume is achieved by using very advanced and sensitive weighing system with help of computer to get harmonized colored mix all the times.
Water is not added by the traditional way of calculating the number of liters of the added water but through a high-tech moisture control system which reads the moisture of the input materials when they get into the mixer and accordingly adds volume of water till the desired moisture is achieved.This system guarantees the stability of mix moisture even in the case of sands and aggregates been exposed to rain or water prior entering the mixer which in turn helps to produce high quality products. about5
about6 Two cement Silos have been installed with a capacity of 200 metric tons which is equivalent to 4000 bags of 50 Kgs cement bags to maintain sufficient stock on site all the time. The selection of cement volume is achieved by a very advanced weighing system to achieve homogenous mixes.
The central control system is made by Betomatic Middle east which has great experience on manufacturing batching plants. The system was designed on a customized base by a highly qualified and competent engineer and contains the latest technology of automation including smart safety system and controls. about7
about8 The cement products making machine is made in Germany and considered to be one the best of its range in the world. The machine is fully automated and has very unique technologies with high safety standards. The products are not made on single pallets or on the ground but are completely pressed and shaped inside the mould with great compaction and vibration from all the sides to achieve the optimum solidity and then place them gently on a multilayer pallets to keep them drying naturally under plastic covers to avoid the water inside the products from getting evaporated. The idea here as per the experts is when the cement products are produced they contain sufficient volume of water and they need to be fully and continuously covered to avoid evaporation to give the products the optimum solidity. The machine also has a very unique technology for producing interlock stones, while production it uses moderate size of materials for -/+80% of interlock products on the lower part to give the products the optimum strength and then complete the remaining top portion with soft materials to give it a smooth finishing.

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